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The Royal Alloy Tigara Grande series was really a breakthrough for us and for the real retro scootering fraternity!

For the very first time in recent history the consumer can enjoy a truly authentic retro scooter that is made of steel.

The TG will feature a predominantly steel body with cast aluminium headset and horncast. It will feature as standard the new 'lowrider' seat 


Tigara Grande - Tigara is an old native Inuit word meaing 'point' and Grande is obviously a synonym for big, there fore Tigara Grande is Royal Alloys 'Big Point' We feel that all of our earlier efforts were finally worth it, so today we are proud to present to the world the Royal Alloy Tigara Grande, a real classic in the making.



TG 200/300

Presenting the Burgundy Red, look intimidating yet calm. Simply stunning and very retro. Be prepared to be the only rider who stands out on the road for riding a unique colourway! Part of the TG colourway. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-17 at 2.25.23 PM.png



TG 200/300

The Ultra Blue are for all those true blues out there! Inspired by the sea. Cozy and relaxed while on the road. Ride with the waves and hear the ocean for a cozy ride. Part of the TG colourway. 




TG 200/300

Presenting the Pewter Grey, not an ordinary grey! A truly authentic retro scooter that is made of steel! Part of the TG colourway.  


TG 200/300

There's a new kid in town! Cruise the streets in style and get sun kissed this summer season. The one and only, Valencia Orange.

raorange2 2.jpg
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